This chapter of my life is called Happiness. This is my Soul Space…

I smile. I sweat. I motivate. I live. Realistically and Beautifully.





There is something to be said for writing in a journal.

It is tangible. You can open it up in 3.2 seconds to revisit what you’ve said. What you thought. What goals you’ve set.

You don’t have to find the file in your phone or be blinded by your bright white screen. It’s on paper. It’s ink and paper and simple truths.

If it’s goals you want to set. Write them.
If it’s a love letter you don’t even know you will ever send. Write it.
If it’s a letter to your mother telling her how much you love and appreciate her. Write it.
If it’s a letter to yourself. Write it.

The mind carries so much beauty that is never really appreciated until placed onto paper.

Write it.



Make every month your January 1st.


What is it about January 1st that makes us all sit back and take a birds eye view of our life? It makes us set big goals and evaluate places we would like to see change. Is it the New Year? The 1st day of a calendar that hasn’t been riddled with appointments yet. A proverbial start. A new start… Again. Why wait for January 1st of a New Year to begin something healthier than you would have been doing yesterday? Let’s put in an effort to make every 1st of the month a time for reflection and goal setting. 4 weeks is a perfect amount of time to set and carry out some pretty amazing things for yourself. Then, 4 weeks later… You do it all again! Make the 1st of EVERY month goal setting day. It will keep you on point throughout the year and hold you accountable. January 1st can then be a time to reflect on the previous year. A time to congratulate yourself on all you have accomplished and all you have set to accomplish in the year to come. Change your goal mindset and see your goals become reality. Consistency and Realistic goals are the keys to success, so make every 1st a powerful day. A goal oriented day. A day of reflection. Then power through those 4 weeks like they are all you have, because essentially…. They are.

One day at a time.

Be thankful, motivated and realistic.

More than just once a year.


Enjoy the good of the holidays. Let the good win…


So it happened… Summer passed, Fall came blowing in like a freight train and before we know it, the Holiday season is here. Fully equipped with Christmas commercials and the bustle of Thanksgiving Day dinner plans.

It’s a beautiful season. THAT… we mustn’t forget. The idea of family and friends gathering together to enjoy food and laughter and love. I think the beauty of the season gets lost in the societal opinion of what is healthy and what isn’t. Who says eating a full meal on Thanksgiving Day isn’t healthy? Who says enjoying Egg Nog on Christmas Eve isn’t healthy? Not me. I believe in living a well enjoyed life of balance. A balance of sweat and sore muscles, food and libations and silence and presence. Combining them all to make this holiday season your best one yet. So here is a list. Just some things to remember while trying to find your balance….

•Eat! Enjoy! Live! First and foremost, live your life beautifully. If you are offered a homemade piece of pumpkin pie, for Gods sake… Don’t say no!!! If you have to run a few extra stairs tomorrow or decrease your calories tonight, DO IT. That piece of pie will make you happy and if you are aware of it, I promise it will not turn up on your hips.

•Remember to find your peace in the silence. Yoga or meditation to keep your body and mind in balance. A snow shoe trip up the trail to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle. A walk through the trees to breathe in the fresh air. YOU time is the only time you get to recharge. Don’t forget that in the midst of this crazy life.

•Exercise!!! The more the better during this time. Use your lunch hours to burn some calories knowing your evenings will be full of parties and temptations. If you go into a party knowing you rocked it in Spin Class that day, I can guarantee a guilt free glass of wine. Or two.

•Enjoy!!!! Be with your friends and family. Take it all in. Be the life of the party! Dress up in the pretty little sparkly number. Wear a smile. Appreciate your health. Don’t complain about the little things. The traffic jams will pass. The tangled lights will untangle. The never ending to-do list WILL end.

Don’t miss the smiles when the kids wake up Christmas morning.

Don’t miss the time with family you don’t get to see regularly.

Don’t miss the smell of cinnamon and baking apple pies.

Don’t miss the JOY of the season.

Find your balance. Know what you need to do for your body to keep on track and DO IT. Knowing you will get to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the season. It will all be worth it.


Find the order. Respect the flow.


There is something to be said about the constant ebb and flow of life. The changes and the constants. The surprises and the monotony. It all cycles out. If we can remember that the universe has a plan, we can make it all a little less painful.

Keep moving. Keep doing. Keep working.

Do you ever find yourself in a rut of laziness and disregard? Some people may answer with a laugh and say “Yep, every darn day”, but ask yourself seriously. When do you feel lazy and unmotivated? It’s the same mental and physical process that feels like a stick stuck in the mud, we’ve all been there. He’s the thing, there really is no rhyme or reason to the flow of YOUR life. Stop comparing yourself to your friends who run marathons (literally), raise 6 kids, own their own business and grocery shop in lightning time. They may be on flow at that moment. Let them be!! I guarantee that Super Mom has her downtime too. Her opposite end of that flow.

If you feel like you can’t keep going, just do as much as you can to get by. I speak this out of experience. Believe me. I’ve been in a flow rut for a quite some time. Would everyone in my world know? Probably not. Maybe those close to me. They may have seen that my house wasn’t as tidy as it usually is. I may have complained of being a little more tired than usual. I may have invited them over for wine more times than our regularly scheduled programs. That’s all because my flow was off. You don’t have to make it known to every person what cycle of flow you are in, Just keep going. Use your friends when you need them. Use your partner when they offer to help. Let your boss give you that random day off because you look spent. Take that time to get done what you need to get done. BUT, here’s the kicker…. That day may have been your saving grace to get caught up and get your life in order. DO NOT beat yourself up if you spent that day sitting on your couch watching the entire season of ‘Orange is the New Black’. Just trust. Know that day was given to you to do what you needed and trust me, that flow will whip itself around and you will be buzzing around and getting your things done in no time. You have to trust the flow in order for the flow to make sense and be a driving force in your life.
When you feel the flow to get things done…. DO THOSE THINGS! It may be that pile of laundry or it may be really sitting down to write up that business plan for your dream business. Whatever you get the burst to do… do it. Trust it. That motivation you feel is your flow, it’s your time to make right what has been feeling like an overwhelming burden for too long. Your flow will always come around. It will always make itself right. Your world, your timing, your motivation, your peace is all on its own time schedule.


Sorry for the language, but this is important.


Why waste your moments?

Put your focus and attention on the things that replenish your soul.

Do your thoughts better you and who you are trying to be? Let your thinking be a guide to your future. Focus on your positive thoughts. Be your positive thoughts.

If you have a picture of your future, focus on who you will be more than what you will have. If you’re on the right path… The things won’t matter.

Always remember this moment will pass. Do you want to remember it fondly or will it be just another addition to your past? Make beautiful memories.

Things may be hard today. Things may be beautiful and peaceful today. Nothing is guaranteed except for the fact that you need to be able to stand on your own two feet, no matter what the air is like around you. So get comfortable with yourself and your moments of solitude.

Don’t get so caught up in life that you forget to dream. What is this life if you don’t have a dream?

Always, and I mean ALWAYS be true to yourself. Listen to your intuition. Trust your judgement. Be solid in your foundation. Set your intentions. Live life with a purpose. It all sounds cliché, and it may be, but who fucking cares. Use whatever you need to remind yourself who you want to be. Every day. Remind yourself. If you do what you love, you will become all that you love.

Be kind. Exude hope.


You never really know what hand the day will deal to you. Sometimes it can be out of your grasp, against your control. The moments that are hard and full of negativity, a positive light from someone else could turn your whole day around. When your day is light and bright and shiny, sharing and being that angel to someone else could make all the difference. The intrinsic flow of karma is beautiful. Give when you can… Take when you need.

Who do I remember most and crave the company of most in my life? Those who make me feel good. The people who want to know how my day was. If I enjoyed my breakfast. If I’m OK. If I’m not OK. It’s the ones who care who will always get my vote. They are the ones I want in my band. By my side on this journey.

Do you know who those people are to you? Are you that to someone or multiple people? Do you want to be? Having an amazing support system (Which I do… Sheesh… My friends rock) is so awesome, but knowing I can be that for others is just as fulfilling.
If. Not. More.

Be the angel in someone’s day. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them. This could include but not be limited to wine dates to talk or bringing them ice cream after a bad day. Ask someone you don’t know how their day was. It recently happened to me and I must say it was the smallest and sweetest gesture I’ve received in a long time. So I guess it got me thinking about giving out those small compliments or offering small acts of kindness to any and all. People will forget what you said or did, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Thank you Maya Angelou.

Look around. Say the kindness that is in your heart. Share it with whoever is there to receive it. You may brighten someone’s day, or life.

Share the love!


There is nothing wrong with being a hugger! Do you know how many sweaty hugs I get everyday? A lot, and I love every one of them. Why not hug? Hugs are an important little gesture that say so much. Do you know how many people out there don’t ever get hugged or touched regularly? It’s more than you would guess… So if you have a friend. Hug them. If you just made a friend, hug them. When you say hi or bye… Hug them. It may change their day. Worth it don’t you think?

There is power in your intent.


Do you sometimes push through your day without even stopping to check in with yourself? Wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat. It’s amazing how many days we can let pass by us without living with true intent or awareness.

If you are feeling like your efforts toward personal and emotional improvement are lacking or simply not working…. It’s time to evaluate your level of intent. When you workout, do you think about the area of your body you are working? When doing intense cardio, visualize your lungs expanding to assist in accepting more oxygen. When thinking of your future plans and dreams, visualize what you want it to look like. Be specific. Be detailed. And visualize, visualize, visualize. Universally your picture will create an energetic path to what you want most. I do also believe that the more you visualize and focus on this path, the more you believe you deserve that path… and when you believe, anything can happen! So get your thoughts in order about what you want to happen in your life. Create your own intention for it all happening. Envision yourself waking up in the morning feeling the pure joy of your dreams coming true. Think about what it will really take to bring those dreams to reality and get out there and make them happen. I believe the universe always gives us what we need at that time. Not always what we want, so remember that. This too shall always pass and your true destiny always awaits… But, you need to know what it looks like.

So, visualize. Create intention. Stay on your path. It may be long and winding but the universe always knows the way. Trust.

Smile at yourself.


In reading some blogs lately and watching what is happening on social media… I just wanted to send out some positive thoughts on this beautiful Friday morning. In my industry I see so many different forms of people. Men, women. Large, small. We all have our opinions of ourself. My question to you is this…. Does your opinion of yourself come from your mind or from what others say about you? This is an important question that I'd like you to really think about. We all need feedback and insight from someone who sees you from the outside, but I'd like you to take these next few days and evaluate how you truly see yourself. The thoughts you have throughout the day, are they thoughts a friend would have or an enemy? The way you look at yourself in the mirror do you have a crinkled up nose or are you smiling? When something really big goes really right in your life do you confirm that you deserve that or do you deny it's even happening? All things to pay attention to. After you've made some observation, sit down and write in a journal. Maybe one you will just start that day or one you have been writing in. Write down what you realized about yourself and how YOU TREAT YOURSELF. Then…. Make a change, or don't. It's your life and your choice. But I can tell you this. Life is hard. Days are hard. Getting through it all day to day, being a provider for kids or dogs or just yourself is hard. You deserve credit for all you do daily. You deserve love.

Love for yourself is better than any other love at all.

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