In the crazy life I live juggling my daughter, a few businesses, my amazing friends and that elusive thing called self care I try and keep my spirituality in check. Tapping into the universe. Reminding myself that I’m not alone on this journey. People will always come and go but your soul is here to stay. If you’re not connecting and paying attention to what’s beneath, you can get lost. Real lost. Then one day you look around and you don’t recognize anything. Most importantly, you don’t recognize yourself.

I could go months or weeks but any time I get face to face with my cards, is a good day. I ask the questions. I put the real stuff out there. The things I struggle verbalizing. I write it in a book, then I ask the universe to help me see myself clearer. Because sometimes the answers you need to hear are hard to hear and we are all getting real good at plot twists.

In all of the spreads I presented to myself tonight, 6 in all. 3 cards per spread, that’s 18 cards. I drew CHOOSE PEACE 5 times. Math isn’t my thing so I don’t have a percentage of the odds… but in my mind, that’s fucking significant. For the same card to turn up 5 times in 18 pulls. Mind. Blown.

Beyond the Semantics.

Choose Peace.

This resonates like a boulder landing on my head. I feel it. In my bones. In my soul. I realize that in the midst of life, our true passion for peace gets dismissed. We want it. We talk about it, but are we living it? With our kids. With our co workers. To our friends. To our enemies. Are we choosing peace? In the midst of so much fear and sadness, how are we placing our stamp of peace in this world? I can tell you how it’s not happening…. The shit talking to someone on Facebook that has a different opinion than you do. The quick loss of composure in a heated conversation. The mean words that slip out when arguing with your significant other. By not listening to your children when they’re trying to communicate because you’re stressed and have other things to worry about. When that man doesn’t hold the door open for you and you call him an asshat. *guilty*

These actions are real and they spread like wildfire. But we have the ability to CHOOSE PEACE in all of these circumstances.

Just stop. Take a moment before you respond to that text that made your blood boil. Take a deep breath. Think of how you can respond as your best self. With the pieces of you that don’t want to live in drama. With the side of you that knows the more good you spread, the more good will come back to you. Every time you help your kids see the positive and feel the positive, the more they will pass that on to their friends because it feels GOOD! Changing the dynamics of positive or negative in your surroundings could be life changing. Directly and indirectly. I challenge you to choose peace.

Today. Tomorrow. On the days when it’s gloomy and you’re in a bad mood. On the days that nothing could go wrong. See them all as equal.

Always lift them to the next level, with peace.

Because you CAN and it will make a difference.