We are living and breathing in a physical body. Blood pumps, breath moves, we smile, we cry, we gain weight, we lose weight, our skin glows, our hair falls out, our eyes glow, our skin dulls. So many physical reactions happen in our body on a day to day basis. Will we ever understand the magnitude and perfection of our body? Probably not. Can we love and appreciate it more and with unconditional love? Yes. YES!!!! It’s time. 
Tomorrow morning after you get out of bed, before your morning ritual…. I would like you to walk to a mirror and look at yourself. Put your face as close to the mirror as you can. Look into your eyes…. Look past the beauty of the color and shape. Look into your soul, through your eyes. Stare, be memorized by you. Say hello. Remind yourself that you are in there and that beautiful body you are living in needs your attention, love and care. Rub your scalp, feel your hair. Place your hands on your stomach and appreciate your ability to house all of your organs that are constantly beating, pumping, detoxifying and working for you. Place your hands on your thighs, thank your beautiful legs for getting you around with ease. Place your hands on your bottom, (butt, lovely lady lumps, ass) send love and energy into the femininity that is you. The beautiful piece you don’t get to see as much as others do. Physically and emotionally, give your body love. Just as you would to your partner or your child, give that love back to yourself. Continue this practice everyday when you wake. The love given will be felt by your cells and your body will respond in homeostasis. 
This is the first step. 
You are living in a gift. A beautiful, efficient gift. Be thankful. Give back. Love YOU!