Today I was reminded why I became a business owner. An entrepreneur who had a heart too big for my chest and ideas that could change the world. I wanted to be a positive catalyst for health, and happiness. Every day I was invigorated by faith and spiritual blessings that continued to push me to my goal. Having a successful space that helps people. Accomplished. 

Today I was also reminded that life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Some days just fucking suck and no matter how positive you continue to be and the faith you continue to feel, you still get kicked in the dick. Or the shin. Those days should define you. They should show your true grit, your true character. Because the way you respond to drama, trauma and disarray defines you. How do you dig yourself out and remind your soul that this is just a bad day, not a bad life? By letting your belief in the good needing to come with the bad be your guiding light. Not the stardust and unicorn dreams, but the truth. Taking definitive actions to get through the hard times will make you appreciate and revel in the good times. I promise you this. I’m reminding myself too. We all need the reminder. We all need the truth. 

We also need to remember that we have hearts too big for our chest and ideas that could change the world.