This provokes so many thoughts for me and they are big, big thoughts. Like, game changers. Let me explain. 

In the recent weeks I’ve decided to clean up my life. I would say I believe in a solid 80/20 lifestyle for the normal human. 80% clean eating, living, exercising, stretching and 20% whatever makes you feel good but not so clean. Be it chocolate cake, slothing, pizza, wine, wine or wine… you get my point. In the past few months I found myself teetering on the brink of more like 60/40. Let me tell you, 40% of pizza, slothing and wine does not end up feeling good. Anywhere. I’m sure I hid it well. I teach classes and own a gym for God’s sake. I could walk in with a smile and kick some serious butts on a bike and massage some backs and make people laugh. That’s what I do. But I definitely wasn’t feeling the glowing, energetic shine that I know I have. That 40% was dulling my spark. 

My ah ha moment was built on vanity. 

There, I said it. I was finishing having dinner with a dear friend and she was talking to me about starting Whole 30. She said it helped her clean up her nutrition to the point that her baseline was a healthy one and not one that is muddled with toxins. She said it made her feel more in control. Then she stood up and looked at her belly (which wasn’t fat by any means) and she said…. “See this? This shouldn’t be here.” I looked down at my own belly and had my moment. It was there. It was at a place that didn’t feel good for ME. This moment was my motivation. We all live in a state of relativity. We all have our things that get us, that drive us to want to be better. I knew I didn’t feel my spark as much as I should and I knew that poke of my belly shouldn’t feel that way. Your defining moment may look very different, and that’s OK. That’s how it’s supposed to be! The key is to HAVE that defining moment to then realize what it is you want to do to change. 

Winding back to my first statement. Here’s the game changing part. You can’t make the true changes in your life without being present when the unhealthy decisions are being made. Living your life with intent and not habit. *que angels singing* 

Being aware is your first line of defense. When having dinner with friends, why do you choose the burger and fries? Because it’s a habit or because you skillfully thought out your cheat meal for the week? How easy is it to get that burger on lettuce and add a salad… Real easy when your intention is to stay on your healthy path. But guess what?? How easy is it to order that same burger and fries when you walked your ass in that door knowing you were there for the amazing burger and fries? It’s just as easy. Intention. You get home from work and pour a glass of wine. Out of habit. Without paying attention, you’re now down 2 glasses and you haven’t even had dinner yet. Not that this has happened to me, but I’ve heard. *wink* Now, adding the moment of presence is the game changer here. If wine when you walk in the door is a must, then have a glass. Stop there. Intention. Then go about your life because it’s safer and really the right thing to do. *giggle* Make dinner. Eat dinner. Do the dishes. Do homework. Clean. Sit down. Be mindful. Do you want another glass of wine? Yes? Well ok, have it. But be honest, do you really need it? No. Then go to bed and wake up tomorrow kicking ass, sparkling and living in your 80%. Intention

The more you’re aware, the more you’re in control. We will never live the perfectly clean and healthy life. It’s not about that. It’s about living life happily and in blissful moderation. 


Sidenote. This was very cathartic for me. Thanks for listening. xo