What you love may not be what your partner loves. What your best friend loves. What your kids love. What your neighbor loves. The beauty is, it doesn’t matter. Define your life by what you love. Set your day to include these things. If it’s reading a book, gardening, working out, vegging out, hiking, painting or singing…. carve out the time and do it. All too often we make our schedule based on what we must do. To make the money, to keep the house clean, to raise the kids, to be an adult. Why can’t you do all of those things and also incorporate at least one of the things you love? You can. 

When you do what you love, your inner self thanks you. It fills up your soul with the sparkly, feel good juju. It not only gives you the peace but it also gives you the feeling of self love. Gratitude. Self worthiness. It reminds you that you are deserving of living a life filled with the things you love. That self love and grace could be a game changer on the days when your only good moment in the day is the one you took to do what you love. There will be days that are so good it will feel like everything you did that day you absolutely loved. That’s the good stuff. The ebb and flow. The good and the bad. Keep consistent. You won’t always know what life will throw your way but you do have the power to face it, one up it… with the things you love. ❤️