This is a question I’ve never heard until tonight. My mind took it in. Then my heart realized, the answer is never. For me. I’ve never put myself on a list of things I love. Maybe because it’s just a given? No. Maybe because it didn’t cross my mind. Yes. 

Pizza. Sunsets. Wine. Kisses. The smell of a baby. Shoes. A day off. Fuzzy blankets. Sweat. Thunderstorms. Bacon. The list could go on. And on. Why are you not on that list? Before bacon and sunsets? Because we categorize things we love with external emotions. Something that is outside of us, tangible or visual. 

So, with this thought… how does your life change? Realizing YOU are the beauty of every day. Without YOU, there are no kisses and no days off and your skin would never feel the fuzzy blankets or your mouth taste the wine. Change your reality. Feel appreciation for the list and place YOU into that mix. Realize the beauty and the sensations of the things that make you happy. The things you love. They would be nothing without you

You don’t have to tell people you love yourself first, but I urge you to acknowledge yourself when making a list in the future. Thinking of what makes you happy or makes you tick cannot be complete without your presence. Appreciate solitude in the presence

Make you, first on your list. Then, carry on. *and enjoy the shit out of everything on that list* Because this life is good. All the things are good. All the feels are true. But most importantly, YOU are beautifully you. 

Be first on your list.