The place we go when we need clarity can be clouded with emotions and anxiety in times of adversity or challenge. Focusing on being present and calm could drastically change the outcome of an event. It could be life changing. The calmness inside can keep your decisions realistic and appropriate for the moment. If you bypass the calm and function off of the stress and anxiety, I promise you will regret your response. Your next move will be drastic and damaging. 

Stop. Go within. Be calm. Be quiet. If only for 45 seconds, make the time and give it the effort. Even if your mind is racing and nothing feels calm to you, just the fact that you’ve stepped away from the situation is empowering in its own right. Take deep breaths. Close your eyes. Envision your calm response. Manifest how you want the situation to unfold. Then put every effort you have into making your vision come to fruition. Don’t let anger, sadness or disappointment change the outcome of a situation. 

The only thing you have control of is yourself. Your reaction. Your mindset. Your health regarding the situation. It’s worth the effort. It’s worth the time. Practice your calm in times that you don’t necessarily need it. Then use it freely in times when you do. Your health and the outcome, will surprise you. Pleasantly. 

Happy New Year My sweet friends… make this one your best yet. 

With love, A.