How many times do you find yourself changing what you want to say or do because of how you think “YOU” will be perceived by others? The strongest people I know are the ones who would answer the above question with…. Never. 

I admire such strength. Such diligence to be who they are and not care about the consequences. Because the reality is this… Those who love and accept you, will love and accept you regardless. I’m not talking about character flaws, like lying or cheating, if you’re one of those asshats then go on and do you but don’t bother us. And don’t complain when you get judged for “doing you”. 

I’m talking about the decisions for you and who you are in actions that pertain to your life. Do you want to speak your mind? Tell someone how you truly feel? Do it. Do you want to post about your day and hope for some supportive comments because maybe one will lift your spirits? Do it. While we’re on the posting topic…. Do you want to post a selfie that may or may not be ridiculously filtered but it makes you feel good about yourself? FUCKING DO IT. No one walks in your shoes. No one lives your life. No one sees what happens behind your closed doors. Let them judge but don’t let them take you down. Live your life. Be you, that beautiful you. 

This life we live has more publicity than anything we’ve experienced before. Whether you’re 20 or 40 you can agree the level of judgement compounded by social media is at its all time highest. The beauty of this is that we all get to see each other’s life. The detriment of this is that we all get to see each other’s life. 

Maybe we could all be more compassionate with others and simultaneously be more honest with who we are, hoping others will do the same? Start the positive cycle? Be the change? In my mind of psychobabble, it makes sense. I’m trying to find a way to accentuate the positive and collectively help reduce the negative. 

Be loving. Be compassionate. Be honest. Be sensitive. Be open. 
But most importantly, be kind. It will be the best you.