My name is Amy and I’m 40 and I’m still learning. 

Admitting we aren’t done learning is the first step. Actually LEARNING from our mistakes is the second and most important step. Because if it didn’t hurt it wouldn’t resonate right? Can’t we just bullet point our life and take notes as we go? I wish it were that easy. We think we know what’s best. It feels right. This works with that. Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be? We get pretty caught up in the picture of how it’s supposed to be. Life is beautiful. Life is great, kind of. Then, adversity hits. Real life. Hard times. Shit gets REAL. That’s when you see the true character of life. The true character of those you surround yourself with. 

The ones who are there for you. No matter what, those are the people you base your life around. I mean, BASE your fucking life around. They would stop their life for yours so why would you not have them by your side for all of your moments from there on out? It’s like adversity creates truth. A truth you can hold onto and run with. 

Amoebas will die in a Petri dish if they are given everything they need to live but will flourish out in the real world with scary things like adversity. I’m learning. Daily. Even if it takes a silly science fact to ring in that truth. I’m learning. 

This new chapter of my life has a title and Happiness doesn’t even cover it. This tough skin just grew a few inches thicker but also put on some new glasses that clearly sees what it didn’t want to see before. It’s all coming into focus, and it’s brutally beautiful. 


Side note: Thank You to my amazing friends. I love you like a chubby kid loves cake. And that chubby kid is happy. So I will love you all and eat the cake. ❤