This chapter of my life is called Happiness. This is my Soul Space…

I smile. I sweat. I motivate. I live. Realistically and Beautifully.


January 2017

Well, shoot.

This is a question I’ve never heard until tonight. My mind took it in. Then my heart realized, the answer is never. For me. I’ve never put myself on a list of things I love. Maybe because it’s just a given? No. Maybe because it didn’t cross my mind. Yes. 

Pizza. Sunsets. Wine. Kisses. The smell of a baby. Shoes. A day off. Fuzzy blankets. Sweat. Thunderstorms. Bacon. The list could go on. And on. Why are you not on that list? Before bacon and sunsets? Because we categorize things we love with external emotions. Something that is outside of us, tangible or visual. 

So, with this thought… how does your life change? Realizing YOU are the beauty of every day. Without YOU, there are no kisses and no days off and your skin would never feel the fuzzy blankets or your mouth taste the wine. Change your reality. Feel appreciation for the list and place YOU into that mix. Realize the beauty and the sensations of the things that make you happy. The things you love. They would be nothing without you

You don’t have to tell people you love yourself first, but I urge you to acknowledge yourself when making a list in the future. Thinking of what makes you happy or makes you tick cannot be complete without your presence. Appreciate solitude in the presence

Make you, first on your list. Then, carry on. *and enjoy the shit out of everything on that list* Because this life is good. All the things are good. All the feels are true. But most importantly, YOU are beautifully you. 

Be first on your list. 



Kindness looks good on you. 

How many times do you find yourself changing what you want to say or do because of how you think “YOU” will be perceived by others? The strongest people I know are the ones who would answer the above question with…. Never. 

I admire such strength. Such diligence to be who they are and not care about the consequences. Because the reality is this… Those who love and accept you, will love and accept you regardless. I’m not talking about character flaws, like lying or cheating, if you’re one of those asshats then go on and do you but don’t bother us. And don’t complain when you get judged for “doing you”. 

I’m talking about the decisions for you and who you are in actions that pertain to your life. Do you want to speak your mind? Tell someone how you truly feel? Do it. Do you want to post about your day and hope for some supportive comments because maybe one will lift your spirits? Do it. While we’re on the posting topic…. Do you want to post a selfie that may or may not be ridiculously filtered but it makes you feel good about yourself? FUCKING DO IT. No one walks in your shoes. No one lives your life. No one sees what happens behind your closed doors. Let them judge but don’t let them take you down. Live your life. Be you, that beautiful you. 

This life we live has more publicity than anything we’ve experienced before. Whether you’re 20 or 40 you can agree the level of judgement compounded by social media is at its all time highest. The beauty of this is that we all get to see each other’s life. The detriment of this is that we all get to see each other’s life. 

Maybe we could all be more compassionate with others and simultaneously be more honest with who we are, hoping others will do the same? Start the positive cycle? Be the change? In my mind of psychobabble, it makes sense. I’m trying to find a way to accentuate the positive and collectively help reduce the negative. 

Be loving. Be compassionate. Be honest. Be sensitive. Be open. 
But most importantly, be kind. It will be the best you.


Let the hard times define you.

The place we go when we need clarity can be clouded with emotions and anxiety in times of adversity or challenge. Focusing on being present and calm could drastically change the outcome of an event. It could be life changing. The calmness inside can keep your decisions realistic and appropriate for the moment. If you bypass the calm and function off of the stress and anxiety, I promise you will regret your response. Your next move will be drastic and damaging. 

Stop. Go within. Be calm. Be quiet. If only for 45 seconds, make the time and give it the effort. Even if your mind is racing and nothing feels calm to you, just the fact that you’ve stepped away from the situation is empowering in its own right. Take deep breaths. Close your eyes. Envision your calm response. Manifest how you want the situation to unfold. Then put every effort you have into making your vision come to fruition. Don’t let anger, sadness or disappointment change the outcome of a situation. 

The only thing you have control of is yourself. Your reaction. Your mindset. Your health regarding the situation. It’s worth the effort. It’s worth the time. Practice your calm in times that you don’t necessarily need it. Then use it freely in times when you do. Your health and the outcome, will surprise you. Pleasantly. 

Happy New Year My sweet friends… make this one your best yet. 

With love, A.

A New Chapter. *Courtesy of Adversity*


My name is Amy and I’m 40 and I’m still learning. 

Admitting we aren’t done learning is the first step. Actually LEARNING from our mistakes is the second and most important step. Because if it didn’t hurt it wouldn’t resonate right? Can’t we just bullet point our life and take notes as we go? I wish it were that easy. We think we know what’s best. It feels right. This works with that. Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be? We get pretty caught up in the picture of how it’s supposed to be. Life is beautiful. Life is great, kind of. Then, adversity hits. Real life. Hard times. Shit gets REAL. That’s when you see the true character of life. The true character of those you surround yourself with. 

The ones who are there for you. No matter what, those are the people you base your life around. I mean, BASE your fucking life around. They would stop their life for yours so why would you not have them by your side for all of your moments from there on out? It’s like adversity creates truth. A truth you can hold onto and run with. 

Amoebas will die in a Petri dish if they are given everything they need to live but will flourish out in the real world with scary things like adversity. I’m learning. Daily. Even if it takes a silly science fact to ring in that truth. I’m learning. 

This new chapter of my life has a title and Happiness doesn’t even cover it. This tough skin just grew a few inches thicker but also put on some new glasses that clearly sees what it didn’t want to see before. It’s all coming into focus, and it’s brutally beautiful. 


Side note: Thank You to my amazing friends. I love you like a chubby kid loves cake. And that chubby kid is happy. So I will love you all and eat the cake. ❤

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