Today I was reminded of my purpose. 

Numerous times over.

What did I do to get so lucky? 

To live this life doing what I love. Every day I wake up, sometimes filled with anxiety about life shit and sometimes filled with pure joy. Regardless of the feelings buzzing through my veins, I get up and go to a place that was created because of my purpose. My passion to heal. My passion to help. My passion to dive deeper. My passion to bring others like me, together. That space breathes me, everything I am is tied into a 4,680 sq ft corner of the world called Soul Space. It started as a dream and it turned into reality. Christina and I have lived this piece of our lives together and today I reflected on it all. With tears in my eyes I realized my passion was my truth. My truth was that I would never successfully sit at a desk 8 hours a day. I needed to be out in the world living and learning and teaching and being. Never being perfect or always right, but just being. The shitty parts of business no one warns you about are enough to take your energy and your zest. What is more powerful than the pieces that try and bring you down? 


I was reminded of my purpose numerous times today. Did I already say how lucky that makes me feel? Just when you feel like you’ve done it all and you’re tired and you can’t remember if you’re helping others or just filling space…. you’re reminded. I can only thank the people who graced my minutes of this day to give me a new zest. You may not know you did it, but each and every one of you renewed me today in your own way. Thank you. Thank you for breathing life into a soul that just this morning, felt tired. 

We have good days. We have bad days. 

Then we have days that combine the two… to truly give you perspective and clarity. The problem and the answer all in one breath. The dichotomy of life. The beauty of it all too. Thank you… thank you all. Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and it’s fucking beautiful.