In all of the hustle of life, it’s easy to forget who we are. How could we forget who we are? Easily. Alarm to shower to kids to work to meetings to errands to dinner to evening stuff to bed…. Rinse and repeat. Every day. 

We live in this body. Our soul loves connections with others and loves to know that this body/mind complex is connected. Do you ever check in? Do you know who lives in there? Regardless of your beliefs, I can tell you it’s not just your ticking mind and beating heart in your body…. You have a soul. You ARE a soul. If that soul isn’t acknowledged it will slowly shrivel up to nonexistence. 

When is the last time you spent time with you… your soul? With family and friends and spouses and co-workers when do you take the time for you. To do what makes you flourish. We all have our thing, small or large. I encourage you to find that thing and do it regularly. Go on a date with yourself! It could be something wild and crazy like mountain biking the single track or something safer like writing in your journal, whatever it is do it. 

Today I walked a few miles listening to music and taking in all the beauty of my neighborhood then had brunch, worked, walked some more, read and journaled, cleaned and cooked. All with myself. I felt like I took myself on the greatest date ever… Turns out, I’m a cool chick to be around! I loved the time with just me! Talking to strangers or having internal dialogue. It was so, so rewarding. Reminding myself who I am when I’m not being there for others in work mode, mom mode or friend mode. I saw a different me today. A me I’ve been missing. Feeling true happiness in my own skin. It was like my path was intentional and the sidewalk was being built under my feet. I have a purpose. Where I was going and what I was doing just felt in sync. With the universe and with my soul journey. It was like my steps were coreographed to the songs in my earbuds and the visuals were beautiful scenery for a music video. It was surreal. I will schedule date days with myself from here on out and I encourage you to do the same. If it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours, take the time to do what YOU want. What your soul is calling for. It will realign you. It will put you in sync with the universe. Keep you on your path. Keep you in your skin and living with your soul. I encourage you and I welcome your thoughts and comments after you’ve scheduled and gone on your date day. 

It’s a life changer. 

Now, rinse and repeat.