Do you feel lost at times? Not knowing what direction you need to take for you. To better you. To be your best version possible. Think of who and what you needed when you were learning, when you were growing into you. Was it a solid friend who would listen and not judge? Was it a teacher who gave you the extra time and attention you needed? Was it a mother or a father? A parent to guide you and also love you in the same capacity. Was it a girlfriend or boyfriend who would pick the neighbors tulips and bring them to your door? Was it your coach who looked at you with all of the confidence in the world? Go back there. Feel it. Experience it again. 
Who was it that YOU needed back then? I can promise you, if you can answer this and be that person to youNow. Your life will take a tremendous shift for the better. 

That of which we feel we are missing in our life is that of which only we can provide for ourselves. No one else can fulfill this emptiness. If we know what it is. Loneliness, sadness, insecurities and depression thrive on the pieces of our soul that are lost. They jump into those empty spaces and set up shop… Identifying with those spaces is the key to connecting your personal dots. The tools are here. Put them together in a way that feels good for you, no one else’s opinion matters. No one knows your empty spaces. 

Your goal in this… Your end result… 

 To live in a newfound grace supported and promoted by the pieces that have been missing but now know how to spread their wings and make you complete. Fly. 

Fill that space. For you and for your future.