Gratuitous proclamation on what gets me

Some people like to draw, some people like to ride mountain bikes or get crazy on the ski slopes. Me? I lay in a comfy place and put my headphones on and sing these songs. Thankfully, no one is in the same room to hear me. But when I have the buds in my ears, I sing and it doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters. This is my bliss.

**When I’m really feeling the song I will pull out my thumb mic. I have a hidden attachment to said prop. It gives me the lungs needed for some of these spectacular ballads. 

My point in this? Find what really gets you. Because in that moment, nothing else matters. It’s your release. Your moment when your soul is just free. Days are filled with responsibility and schedule and structure. When you get time away from all of that, what gives you that peace? What helps you step away from life? Even if just for a few moments…. What is IT? I’m telling you. I went 39 years before I realized that Yacht Rock radio on Pandora was my thing. You may not even know yet what it is that truly pulls you away. I encourage you to explore this… Walking. Running. Singing. Painting. Photography. Cooking. Cleaning. (Um, come on over please) Writing. Gardening. Creating. 

Find it. It’s YOUR thing. Make it yours in every aspect. Tweak it and call it your own. Let it take you to a place of nostalgia and happiness from the depths of your own soul. It’s all in the steps. Steps to the direction of balance and contentment. When you find it, you will always look forward to it. 

Motivating, right? 

Find your thing. Let it get you. 


#loveisabattlefield #myspiritanimalsong