This chapter of my life is called Happiness. This is my Soul Space…

I smile. I sweat. I motivate. I live. Realistically and Beautifully.


March 2016

Find what gets you. 

Gratuitous proclamation on what gets me

Some people like to draw, some people like to ride mountain bikes or get crazy on the ski slopes. Me? I lay in a comfy place and put my headphones on and sing these songs. Thankfully, no one is in the same room to hear me. But when I have the buds in my ears, I sing and it doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters. This is my bliss.

**When I’m really feeling the song I will pull out my thumb mic. I have a hidden attachment to said prop. It gives me the lungs needed for some of these spectacular ballads. 

My point in this? Find what really gets you. Because in that moment, nothing else matters. It’s your release. Your moment when your soul is just free. Days are filled with responsibility and schedule and structure. When you get time away from all of that, what gives you that peace? What helps you step away from life? Even if just for a few moments…. What is IT? I’m telling you. I went 39 years before I realized that Yacht Rock radio on Pandora was my thing. You may not even know yet what it is that truly pulls you away. I encourage you to explore this… Walking. Running. Singing. Painting. Photography. Cooking. Cleaning. (Um, come on over please) Writing. Gardening. Creating. 

Find it. It’s YOUR thing. Make it yours in every aspect. Tweak it and call it your own. Let it take you to a place of nostalgia and happiness from the depths of your own soul. It’s all in the steps. Steps to the direction of balance and contentment. When you find it, you will always look forward to it. 

Motivating, right? 

Find your thing. Let it get you. 


#loveisabattlefield #myspiritanimalsong 


Days and months will pass. Don’t lose them to obsession and self doubt. Please.


Out of the last 2 months how many of you have woken up, looked at yourself and felt wonderful about you? You!!! Your beautiful body, the mind that lives there and the soul that has carried on and on. How much gratitude goes towards these amazing creations that are YOU? I’m going to guess, not much. Why? Because you had pizza for dinner the night before? Because you didn’t work out? Because you had some wine? Why must we be so brutal with our own selves?? YOU are a miracle. You are divine beauty all wrapped up into skin and organs and bones carried on by a beautiful soul. 

Living and breathing the fitness industry for the past 20 years, I can tell you I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the 6% body fat bodies and the 26% body fat bodies. Who is happier? Who out of that medium wake up truly happy with themselves. I would like to say NONE but that is being a little dramatic so I’m going to go with 6%. Because your butt sags just a little, because your belly isn’t flat, because your hair isn’t thick and long, because your skin isn’t tan and stretch mark free? Come on!!! Can we please live in reality for a moment and remember that of which you see in magazines and in movies is not real! Your picture of perfection is unrealistic and false. You obsess over chicken and broccoli and an hour of cardio daily? For what? On the other end of that spectrum you don’t exercise and you eat pop tarts for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you want to be happy and energetic? How? Let’s work to find a happy medium. Can we find a place where we love, appreciate and treat our body with happiness and respect? Day by day, bits by bits, let’s make a consorted effort to get there. As an individual or with your village. Get there. However it looks for you. Treat you with respect. 

You are perfection. 

Your body can heal itself no matter how bad you treat it. It will always wake with the true desire to do good, wanting to get you through the day. It really is all it knows. To breathe, eat, move, sleep, smile, think, sweat, appreciate, heal. 

I’m going to get a little dramatic again because that’s kind of my thing but…. WHAT in the FUCK is keeping you in this cycle of self hatred and loathing??? Why would you not absolutely love and adore your body??  Answer that question, please. Take a moment. Take a week. Take a year. But, answer that question. 

Your body is the most advanced miracle of human kind. If it jiggles, if it’s pale, if it fits into a size 20 or a size 2… It is still a miracle. So please, for Unicorn’s sake…. LOVE THAT THING!! With all you have. Then tell me how it’s working out for you. I’d love to hear. 

I accept private messages, texts and megaphones. Get at me. 


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