This life. No matter what your beliefs, this life is truly all we have. Your soul is powering you through the ups and the downs. Are you gentle with yourself? With your soul? Or do you criticize and berate your journey? Are you judgemental of others’ journeys as well? What can you do right now to change how this life of yours moves forward? To create peace and acceptance in your soul and your life… You must surrender. 

Surrender to your past. The pain. The heartache. The tears. Knowing pain is just pain.  When you know your pain serves a purpose of your spiritual growth, you have surrendered to it and it’s purpose in your life. The scars, bumps and bruises along the way are growth. The key is to grow, then release. If you carry those with you in your day to day, it will get real heavy and I promise it will take you down. Hard.

Surrender to Joy. How can you be joyful when caught up in anger or jealousy? Knowing joy can transcend your soul from the dreary to the vibrant. Why would you not surrender to it? Why would you let your negative emotions which serve no purpose get in your driver seat? Take hold of the emotion of Joy and let it lead your life. Every situation that occurs, look at it with a joyful eye. Then change what effect it has on you. Your reactions. Your feelings. Your mood. It will change your life. 

Surrender to acceptance. Acceptance of life as it is at this exact moment. Your soul has been on a journey that is like a movie revealing itself to you every day. Last year at this time, you were in a different space. Maybe better… Maybe worse…. But definitely different. You did the best with the circumstances that were presented to you and your soul was nourished by the experience. Take away the judgement of your journey. It got you here. If here is not where you want to be, what needs to be done to direct you on the right path? Evaluate. Question. And be fucking honest with yourself! Don’t write goals that look pretty on paper because that’s what everyone else is doing. Be real. Be painfully honest. This life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing and you aren’t getting any younger. Make the changes, now!! 

Know your worth. Know your value on this planet. Seek what you crave. When you feel it, find it or become it…. Hold on for dear life. Your life. Your soul will guide you through this uncut movie. It’s up to you to be present, kind and alive!