Just a few words guiding you on your path of self care and what they mean to me…
Presence. Be present. Every moment… If you feel yourself moving your intention towards the future or the past, stop what you’re doing. Take a deep breath. Pinch your ear. Get into the present and learn how to comfortably live there.

Support. Tap into your support system. Who do you rely on in times of need? Are you even in that relationship? Are you giving to that person as much as they are giving to you? Always do a support check. They will always be there for you if you are equally there for them. It’s karma baby.
Acceptance. Accept yourself. Accept your life. Accept your path. If you cannot accept those pieces of you with all honesty, make a change. Keep changing if needed, until you are LIVING acceptance.

Awareness. Pay attention. It is your awareness of the ebb and flow of life that will keep you present and on your path. Do you notice when your energy is low? Do you notice when you are feeling off? Growth and improvement will never take place if you are not aware when its time to evolve.

Pleasure. What brings you pleasure? When do you feel warm, fuzzy and safe? Identify what it is that brings you pleasure and PLACE whatever that may be into your day. EVERY DAY! You have the power to create your life filled with pleasure.
Exploration. Sometimes leaving your comfort and regular schedule will bring you hidden treasures. Take some time to explore places you have never been before. This could be off your regular hike or within yourself. Choose the ADVENTURE ! Choose to take yourself to new ground. New surroundings. Keep your heart open, you may find something you didn’t even know you were looking for.
Slowing Down. The glorification of busy… it is the life we all live. Set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than usual. Start your day AHEAD of time, not behind. Not running late. Make it a point to focus on the present and be aware of your time management. You can slow down if you take control of your time. Remind yourself the faster you live your life, the more you will miss.

Prioritizing. Phone calls. Texts. Emails. Children. Spouses. Friends. Play. Work. Exercise. Others needs. Your needs. Where do all of these fall in your list of priorities? If it’s not fresh in your mind, write it down.
Focus on Process. Process. A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Life is ONE.BIG.PROCESS. Don’t get overwhelmed by the innocuous tasks, put your energy and intention into the parts of the process that matter. Piece by piece, the process will bring you to where you need to be if your energy is evenly dispersed.  
Community. Always band together with your community. Be aware of the integration of others and yourself into YOUR community. Give back. Receive. Bond. Flourish.
Mindfulness. Mindful eating. Looking into the eyes of the person you are talking to. Being aware of your surroundings. Living with mindfulness will always keep you on point. Be aware of what and how you are living every moment…
Be Gentle. Treat yourself with the gentle love and care you would give a baby. Your body. Your soul, is fragile and needs the gentle touch of SELF LOVE. Take a bath. Massage your face when washing it. Rub your scalp whenever possible. Cultivate your energy and be gentle with it. Treat your body and mind with gentle love and care, always. 
Adjusting Environment. Realize when your environment needs to be adjusted. If your environment was adjusted without your authorization or approval, do everything in your power to bring comfort and love into your new space. Evaluate what will make you peaceful in your space and bring it. Do it. Be it. You are not your surroundings, you are IN your surroundings.  
Patience. Be patient with your growth. Be patient with your journey. Breathe when you are feeling impatient with anything in life. Practice patience. Live with patience. Hone in on this skill and your life will bring you peace.
Attention. To detail. To what matters. Place your attention on that of which will help you grow or help others grow. Don’t pay attention to that of which is not your or does not serve you.
Kindness. When all else fails, be kind. Treat others as you would want to be treated. You attract what you are. You get what you give. Kindness to others can never be wrong. It can never be misgiven.
Curiosity. Stay intrigued. Always continue to learn. Surprise yourself. Ask questions. Think. Grow.
Choice. Make the choices that will assist in the growth of your spirit and body. Remember that you are the pilot of your ship…YOU make the choices. Try not to follow others, their path is not yours. Always remember that the harder the choice the bigger the lesson. Choice builds change. Change builds growth.
Time. Be impeccable with your time. Every moment counts and if you are not aware of it, it will get away from you. Time determines every piece of our day, our life. Be aware and diligent with the moments that will mean so much, don’t let them get away.
Rest. The time when your body rebuilds and your mind recalibrates. If you don’t have rest time during the day, schedule it. Downtime is the best time.
Ease. Meditation. Quiet. Calmness within. Find the time to set your mind at ease.
Attend to Comfort. Whetherit’s your drivers seat, your bed or your mood… find comfort. Adjust and re-adjust when needed. Finding homeostasis in your body and spirit should always be your priority. 
Self Care… Self Love.

•Amy Burkett