Happiness is a tangible decision. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. You make the decision to be happy or not. Understanding there are deciding factors that will help you arrive at this choice is the key. 

Vulnerability. We all feel it. We all experience it. We can let it take us down or we can use it to propel us into the next phase of life. Living happily. Being vulnerable is showing and feeling your weakness, your fears. But with that also comes courage. When you decide to use the courage from vulnerability is when you have decided to start making true changes in your life. To step out of the victimized, sad box is proving to yourself you are ready to be happy. Truly happy. 

Once you feel the courage to break away from old patterns, old habits…. You are on your way to decided happiness. A chosen path of bliss and desire to live without being constantly victimized. 

Sooooooo, shit happens. Daily. The key here is to decipher what is happening to you directly and what story you are creating about something that happened. Are you guilty of taking an action by another and making it personal even if it has NOTHING to do with you? Allowing it to ruin your day? Then passing it onto the next unsuspecting victim… i.e your spouse, kids, co-worker. You’ve absorbed someone’s “stuff” and made their circumstance your own. Internalized it then made it your excuse for being sad, mad, irritable. The furthest point from happy. Then, without recognizing this pattern, it happens again. You haven’t made amends to the last person you spewed your negativity on and now you’ve added someone else into the mix. It’s a futile attempt to be in control of your emotional life and it hurts people and relationships in the process. 

Recognize your patterns. See where your blame and anger comes from then address it before it turns into a toxic virus. Take accountability and create action for your shit but also realize when you are acting on someone else’s shit. Being aware of this, can simply change your life and your ability to choose happiness.

You have a choice, every minute, how you want your day to turn out. It’s a tangible choice you can make… choose to be vulnerable with intent and courageous with impeccable detail. Get cerebral and make the choice to feed your happiness. Decipher what’s yours and what’s not yours to carry. Pick it up or drop it, then…. Move forward in the deliberate path of your own happiness. Smile and be proud! Make it infectious! Make those around you want to know what you’ve done differently to be so happy. It’s a beautiful daily dance that will soon turn into a habit.  The healthiest habit you can have…..Chosen Happiness.