A place.

Being with certain people.

A person.

Listening to a song.

Being in nature.

A scent. 

A voice. 

Reading your favorite poem. 

Taking a bath.

What makes you get the chills? True, visible pricklies all over your body. Is it that business idea you’re kicking around inside your brain? Is it sharing love with another person? Day dreaming? Being held? Exercising? Feeling true love? A song that sings to your soul? A special moment with your child? Or that quiet time alone with just yourself. 

The moment when your body fills with goose bumps…. that is your soul getting your attention. Making you feel the importance of that moment. Listen.

Recognize what gets you. When you feel that chill, that surge of emotion…. Take note. Mental or physical note, just remember it. Let it motivate you to live the most passionately fulfilling life you can. Bring those moments to you; manifest them, if you will. Talk about something in your unknown with someone who inspires you. Learn to think a way you’ve never thought possible before. When you feel it driving your spirit…. You know that’s the chord you need to hit. Over and over again. Get real with yourself. Dive in. 

Your life is here and now…. living it without inspiration and ‘full body chill’ moments will keep you steady and safe but never one with the butterflies. Give your soul permission to find its passion. When you’ve found it…. Do more. Live more. Create more. Be more.