I’ve lived my life with my awareness on point for others. When someone is in need, I’m there. I’ve been in need, and others were always there. This is a gift that we all give and receive. Opening space to those around us for freedom of conversation and clarity. I was recently challenged by the question…. IS THAT YOUR STUFF TO WORRY ABOUT? “Well, of course it is!” I replied!!! “I care about the people in my life, so their stuff is my stuff”…. Sigh. Wrong answer. I repeat. WRONG ANSWER!! 

How many times throughout your day are you weighed down by someone else’s stuff? Their shit. Their problems. Their drama. Their sadness. I am not discrediting emotion here. We all have it and we all hope to have a friend who will open space and listen. When that space is on your plate and you are the ear, the comfort, the love…. I challenge you to walk away from the conversation and leave the weight of the “stuff” right there. In a pile on the ground. Mama Gaia (Mother Earth) with take it in and send it back out as clear energy. There is NO NEED for you to carry it home. 

Drop it. 

Does it make you feel more accomplished to take on others stuff? More validated? More needed? Answer those questions and evaluate how much you take… And WHY

Every interaction in your life should be separated into 2 columns. A & B. Column A is YOUR stuff. Situations you have created or relate directly to your life. Things in this column should be approached with an open heart and handled with truth, diligence and care. It’s your stuff!!! Handle it all with love and you will never go wrong. Column B is NOT your stuff. Look at it. Give it back to the giver or drop it. Do not let it attach to your energy, because it will bring you down. It will darken your light. It will deflate your peace. Let it go. 

Why carry a burden that is not yours to own? Release every piece of your life that is not yours and you will begin to feel the energy flow. Intuition will be clear. Life will feel free and not heavy. Your life will be yours, and only yours. 

Try it. Right now. Tomorrow. The next day. Then, forever.