One of my favorite words. Everything we are, every piece of us should be lived in grace. It’s the most beautiful word and it means so much. It carries your true light. Your soul; when at ease, will float in grace. You say grace before a meal to thank your sweet Lord above. When you act or react with grace, peace more than anger will prevail.  Grace gives us faith. When we have faith, we live in peace. When we live in peace our day to day tasks become real, fulfilling and although sometimes exhausting….. They are Rewarding

Intentional. Predestined. Promised. 

I wish for everyone to believe in destiny. I wish for everyone to live in the grace of what is meant to be… Even if it hurts or is uncomfortable, listen to your soul. Let it guide you. Do you know how to listen? Do you know what your soul wants? The key here is to never fight your path. If you are on it, then It is meant for you. *Hardest part ever*... It is up to you to decide if it’s the right path for you

Free will is a beautiful thing. Knowing you always have a choice, a say, an opinion for your future. Never forget you have the power. Stand in the depth of your strength and live in the grace of your destiny. It’s a beautiful path that may be filled with roses or thorns, either one will get you where you need to be if you believe.  

Through pain. Through happiness. Through love. Through sadness. Your path will never be wrong. 

*says your soul* Trust