When you are in need…. of words, of a lift, of help, of a shovel to help you out of your hole. Who do you turn to? Is it the same person, every time? Do you have your emergency check list of people you call in times of need? Do you ever stop and think that those people may not be whole or ready to give you what you need when you need it?

Who will feed your soul? 

I challenge you to find another source of strength. To reach outside of your call list and go deeper. 

Whatever you may call it… 

Faith. Universe. God. Angels. Guides.  Reach to them. Find your own peace in your relationship with the “unknown”. 

They will give you peace, when you surrender. 

They will give you guidance, when you believe. 

They will give you answers, when you listen. 

Know your friends. Know the people who are there now and will be there forever. Give those people your love and appreciation for all they are to you. If you are appreciating them, you deserve to have them in your life. Remember to look past them though. Remember to embrace the beauty of your destiny and know that sometimes it’s the grace of the unknown that will lead you and protect you. Even if you don’t understand it. Believe it. Live it. Have faith in it. It’s a separate safely net that I promise will not lead you astray. 

Live by the beauty of faith, destiny and truth. Friends are your first call…. Faith is your soulmate.