We are so lucky. Do we realize every morning how damn lucky we are to…

A. Live in the United States. Protected and filled with amazing lattes, great shopping and gyms everywhere. Let’s be realistic here. Your odds of being born in America to healthy parents who can provide for you and get you to adulthood is, well, very low. We are lucky my friends. Hear it. Live it. 

B. Have health. Even those struggling with health challenges, we are surrounded by knowledge and the ability to gain health. If you are given the challenge, you have the ability to fight back. Something not everyone can claim…

C. A home. Whatever type of home it may be, a large percent of anyone sitting on their phone/computer at this moment has a roof over their head, heat, food, a bed, clothing and a shower. Guess what? Those are all things you should be thankful for. 

So, with that 👆being said. I give you this. I challenge you to not complain tomorrow about a headache or a lack of energy. You have the ability to stay healthy and strong EVERY DAY. Live with that blessing and get your ass to the gym or the track or the trail or the pool. Whatever it is that gets your glow, go do it. If you have the ability to choose chicken salad over a cheeseburger, for God’s sake….. Choose it!!! A chicken salad stocked with veggies is a BLESSING!!! *sigh*

We forget. We get caught up in ourselves and forget how darn lucky we are. Don’t waste these moments. Don’t waste this ability to be truly Healthy! 

Live it. Appreciate it. Exude it. BE IT. 

If you are the person who continues to find excuses or live with a victim mentality, I don’t have much to say to you. If you are the person who finds the positive in your life and uses it to nourish and strengthen your soul, then you are my people. Band together. Share positive. Glow. Let other powers strengthen your power. Let other positives grow your positives. 

Just be appreciative. Use what you have been given and make the best of it. There will always be others who have less than you and they still do more. Use that thought to motivate you. Now. Tomorrow. Forever.