You can enjoy your life! 

You can have brunch with the girls! 

You can have bubbly! 

Remember this… Your mimosa is a sugar/carb. So when you go out to brunch on a beautiful Sunday morning, eat all protein and veggies. DRINK YOUR CARBS!! (Within reason) Make your day a guilt free, enjoyable day as you monitor your intake. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to spend time with my friends on a beautiful patio eating amazing food and sipping on bubbly. Sometimes, that’s what gets me through the week. Am I a Fitness Physique Competitior? No. Could I run a marathon? No. Do I work out Hard 6 days a week and kick butt when needed? Yes. Do I feel comfortable in my own skin? Why yes, YES I DO.  For me it’s all about finding a happy medium that is realistic for me. A happy life and a healthy life can be attained! Find your medium. Find the comfort right in between the two that gives you confidence in your health and comfort in your happiness. 

It’s what this life is about. 

Life. Love. Smiles. Friends. Health.