This chapter of my life is called Happiness. This is my Soul Space…

I smile. I sweat. I motivate. I live. Realistically and Beautifully.


February 2015

Soul Check


Settle into you body. Be one with your mind. Look at the life you live. Are you proud of who you are? Do you want to work to be better? Stronger? Smarter? Happier? You will only know if you do a Soul Check regularly. Evaluate where your focus needs to be then create a plan to help yourself get into alignment with what your soul needs. Life is not always easy. Make sure you are running on all cylinders.

I urge you to be honest with yourself when doing a soul check. Be honest with how certain thoughts make you feel. Are you proud of your procrastination or do you accept it and continue to barely squeak by when the timer goes off? Do you have discipline when it matters? Do you lack empathy but have too much sympathy? Do you live happily? How often do you eat to fill a void? What inspires you? How often do you cry? Do those around you respect you? When someone tells you they love you, do you feel the warmth in your heart? Are you a good friend? Are you making choices in your life to promote your longevity and health? How often do you smile? Could you be sabotaging good in your life without even realizing it? Do you turn to unhealthy patterns when you are sad? Are you teaching your children lessons that will help them be good people? Do you live what you preach? What makes you laugh? Have you ever just cried because you were so happy? What events got you to that point and how can you get back there? At what point in your life did you feel the healthiest in your body? What events got you to that point and how can you get back there? Do you need to clean out your closet? Clear out the junk in your life to make room for good. Do you sleep well? Do you enjoy the simple things in life?

Be honest. Write it down. Set your goals.

Never forget to check in… It’s easy to get lost.


Make your life a product of good decisions.


Victims live in their own world. The world where everyone is out to get them and nothing they do is wrong. How is this possible? We all make mistakes. We all choose the wrong path at times. We are all faced with hard decisions to make. Don’t point that finger. Say sorry when you’re wrong. Don’t be the first to blame. Don’t live with the belief that the world is out to get you, because you know what? It will be. What you set into the universe will be, you have written your destiny by your thoughts and actions.

Just as simple as it is to have a negative view, an unrealistic picture of what may happen…. It is also as simple to have a positive view. A motivating and realistic view of what could be. So do it. Think the positive. Don’t blame others. OWN YOUR PLACE IN THIS LIFE, make it a life you will be proud of. Know that one day you will look back. Will you like what you see? Will you be proud of the decisions you’ve made?

Make it so. Make it a beautiful, loving and healthy picture. Bury the victim…. You have no room in your journey for that person.

Be positive.
Be true.
Be your best and your best will be.




There is something to be said for writing in a journal.

It is tangible. You can open it up in 3.2 seconds to revisit what you’ve said. What you thought. What goals you’ve set.

You don’t have to find the file in your phone or be blinded by your bright white screen. It’s on paper. It’s ink and paper and simple truths.

If it’s goals you want to set. Write them.
If it’s a love letter you don’t even know you will ever send. Write it.
If it’s a letter to your mother telling her how much you love and appreciate her. Write it.
If it’s a letter to yourself. Write it.

The mind carries so much beauty that is never really appreciated until placed onto paper.

Write it.


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