Your biggest meal of the day should be in the morning or early afternoon. So why do we come home at night and continually make a full plate of dinner? Meat, veggies and a starch is a standard dinner in an average household. Why not change it up? Even if you have to take it with you to work, fill up in the morning! My favorite breakfast is brown rice, scrambled eggs, avocado and salsa. Have a hearty protein shake with fruit and veggies midday and a one dish sauté for dinner. A few snacks of almonds and an apple or cottage cheese and oranges and your healthy day of nutrition is complete and easy! The sauté pictured is one of my favorite yet. Brussel Sprouts and green beans sautéed in EVOO and white wine vinegar. Add a healthy chicken sausage after grilling in a separate pan. Mix it all together, add a splash of red wine and some beets and you have an easy, healthy and delicious meal!