This past year, sheesh, where do I begin. I worked hard. I pushed through days I wanted to lock myself in my closet and cry. Weeks went by without memory. I lived in a haze. I smiled. I cried. I was scared.

In the midst of all of that…. My dreams came true in ways I never imagined. The reality of the life I am living is better than that of which I could have dreamt it to be. I’d like to think I deserve this. I’d like to think when God received those constant prayers from me, he just looked down, smiled and said “In due time my child, in due time”.
Knowing the friends who surrounded me would be the best friends on this planet. The friends who would literally do anything for me at any time.
Knowing he would present me with a man kinder and more loving than any man I even knew existed.
Knowing he would let the daughter that would come into my world be one of his own personal angels he wanted to share with me.
Knowing the business I had always envisioned would actually be a place of comfort and healing for those willing to embrace it, and he would help me pull it all together. When things were only going bad and the stress was too much for me to bear, he would gently tap on my shoulder and remind me it would all be OK.
Knowing the home I wanted to live in would come available and I would be able to spend the most beautiful Summer riding my bike in the streets and the most glorious Fall amongst the amber leaves.
Knowing my mother would continue to support me and believe in me daily. She would lovingly look at me and smile, and I would know it was her sign of love and pride for the daughter she so selflessly raised.
Knowing, I would appreciate it all.
Knowing, I would treat these blessings with respect and gratitude.

He just knew.

If you don’t know. If you don’t believe. If you don’t have faith. I urge you to continue. I urge you to keep your head up and live in the warmth of faith. Let its light guide you. Let it put a smile on your face. Love yourself first, unconditionally…. And just know.