What is it about January 1st that makes us all sit back and take a birds eye view of our life? It makes us set big goals and evaluate places we would like to see change. Is it the New Year? The 1st day of a calendar that hasn’t been riddled with appointments yet. A proverbial start. A new start… Again. Why wait for January 1st of a New Year to begin something healthier than you would have been doing yesterday? Let’s put in an effort to make every 1st of the month a time for reflection and goal setting. 4 weeks is a perfect amount of time to set and carry out some pretty amazing things for yourself. Then, 4 weeks later… You do it all again! Make the 1st of EVERY month goal setting day. It will keep you on point throughout the year and hold you accountable. January 1st can then be a time to reflect on the previous year. A time to congratulate yourself on all you have accomplished and all you have set to accomplish in the year to come. Change your goal mindset and see your goals become reality. Consistency and Realistic goals are the keys to success, so make every 1st a powerful day. A goal oriented day. A day of reflection. Then power through those 4 weeks like they are all you have, because essentially…. They are.

One day at a time.

Be thankful, motivated and realistic.

More than just once a year.