So it happened… Summer passed, Fall came blowing in like a freight train and before we know it, the Holiday season is here. Fully equipped with Christmas commercials and the bustle of Thanksgiving Day dinner plans.

It’s a beautiful season. THAT… we mustn’t forget. The idea of family and friends gathering together to enjoy food and laughter and love. I think the beauty of the season gets lost in the societal opinion of what is healthy and what isn’t. Who says eating a full meal on Thanksgiving Day isn’t healthy? Who says enjoying Egg Nog on Christmas Eve isn’t healthy? Not me. I believe in living a well enjoyed life of balance. A balance of sweat and sore muscles, food and libations and silence and presence. Combining them all to make this holiday season your best one yet. So here is a list. Just some things to remember while trying to find your balance….

•Eat! Enjoy! Live! First and foremost, live your life beautifully. If you are offered a homemade piece of pumpkin pie, for Gods sake… Don’t say no!!! If you have to run a few extra stairs tomorrow or decrease your calories tonight, DO IT. That piece of pie will make you happy and if you are aware of it, I promise it will not turn up on your hips.

•Remember to find your peace in the silence. Yoga or meditation to keep your body and mind in balance. A snow shoe trip up the trail to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle. A walk through the trees to breathe in the fresh air. YOU time is the only time you get to recharge. Don’t forget that in the midst of this crazy life.

•Exercise!!! The more the better during this time. Use your lunch hours to burn some calories knowing your evenings will be full of parties and temptations. If you go into a party knowing you rocked it in Spin Class that day, I can guarantee a guilt free glass of wine. Or two.

•Enjoy!!!! Be with your friends and family. Take it all in. Be the life of the party! Dress up in the pretty little sparkly number. Wear a smile. Appreciate your health. Don’t complain about the little things. The traffic jams will pass. The tangled lights will untangle. The never ending to-do list WILL end.

Don’t miss the smiles when the kids wake up Christmas morning.

Don’t miss the time with family you don’t get to see regularly.

Don’t miss the smell of cinnamon and baking apple pies.

Don’t miss the JOY of the season.

Find your balance. Know what you need to do for your body to keep on track and DO IT. Knowing you will get to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the season. It will all be worth it.