The title of this blog may seem irrelevant, but it made perfect sense to me last night. As I sat in my home enjoying a beautiful fall night I realized I don’t always enjoy the little things as I’m in constant preparation of the future. Why would I not burn the beautiful, aromatic candle for myself? Why would I not eat my Veggies and Hummus out of the pretty bowls? Why would I not make the decisions in my life that will lead to my happiness? Life is now. It’s this second. It’s not tomorrow or even an hour from now. It’s now.

Knowing you deserve the best in life should help you choose all of the little things that make you happy. It may be realizing you are in a dead end job and it’s time to branch out and find new. Find something that makes you happy everyday. If you’re not able to do what you love everyday for work, your settling. You should do what you are passionate about. Period. Everyone has the means if they really make the effort, so make the effort. Show yourself that you DO deserve to be doing what makes you happy.

It also may be realizing the relationship you are in is not fulfilling you or helping you be the best you can be. Why would you stay in a relationship that does not motivate you to be the best, make you look forward to tomorrow, make you feel empowered, give you support or most importantly… Make you feel LOVED?? Why? Because it’s comfortable? Comfort is no longer comfort when you are sacrificing your happiness. Change is hard. Change is painful. Change is mandatory if you are not living a life filled with happiness. Period.

Take a look within. What could you do to create the happiness in your life that you so much deserve? Take the steps needed to change and get started. Every little action counts. Every moment you honor yourself counts. Knowing you deserve it is the first step, taking action will be continuous…. But so, so worth it.