You never really know what hand the day will deal to you. Sometimes it can be out of your grasp, against your control. The moments that are hard and full of negativity, a positive light from someone else could turn your whole day around. When your day is light and bright and shiny, sharing and being that angel to someone else could make all the difference. The intrinsic flow of karma is beautiful. Give when you can… Take when you need.

Who do I remember most and crave the company of most in my life? Those who make me feel good. The people who want to know how my day was. If I enjoyed my breakfast. If I’m OK. If I’m not OK. It’s the ones who care who will always get my vote. They are the ones I want in my band. By my side on this journey.

Do you know who those people are to you? Are you that to someone or multiple people? Do you want to be? Having an amazing support system (Which I do… Sheesh… My friends rock) is so awesome, but knowing I can be that for others is just as fulfilling.
If. Not. More.

Be the angel in someone’s day. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them. This could include but not be limited to wine dates to talk or bringing them ice cream after a bad day. Ask someone you don’t know how their day was. It recently happened to me and I must say it was the smallest and sweetest gesture I’ve received in a long time. So I guess it got me thinking about giving out those small compliments or offering small acts of kindness to any and all. People will forget what you said or did, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Thank you Maya Angelou.

Look around. Say the kindness that is in your heart. Share it with whoever is there to receive it. You may brighten someone’s day, or life.