This chapter of my life is called Happiness. This is my Soul Space…

I smile. I sweat. I motivate. I live. Realistically and Beautifully.


September 2014

Sorry for the language, but this is important.


Why waste your moments?

Put your focus and attention on the things that replenish your soul.

Do your thoughts better you and who you are trying to be? Let your thinking be a guide to your future. Focus on your positive thoughts. Be your positive thoughts.

If you have a picture of your future, focus on who you will be more than what you will have. If you’re on the right path… The things won’t matter.

Always remember this moment will pass. Do you want to remember it fondly or will it be just another addition to your past? Make beautiful memories.

Things may be hard today. Things may be beautiful and peaceful today. Nothing is guaranteed except for the fact that you need to be able to stand on your own two feet, no matter what the air is like around you. So get comfortable with yourself and your moments of solitude.

Don’t get so caught up in life that you forget to dream. What is this life if you don’t have a dream?

Always, and I mean ALWAYS be true to yourself. Listen to your intuition. Trust your judgement. Be solid in your foundation. Set your intentions. Live life with a purpose. It all sounds cliché, and it may be, but who fucking cares. Use whatever you need to remind yourself who you want to be. Every day. Remind yourself. If you do what you love, you will become all that you love.


Tuesday night challenge.

It’s a new thing I created. Like, tonight. Because it’s Tuesday and I was doing gymnastics with Chloe and I decided to bust out a somersault. Then, as I found myself sprawled out on the grass realizing I may have busted my spine; I realized I’m not young anymore and I can’t do that shit. What was I thinking? A full somersault from standing position? Thinking your going to pop back up on your feet? Yeah, not so much. So, I encourage you to play with your kids. Put your phone away and just play. Do so in a manner that won’t break your back though. Sheesh.

If you’re going to have a cheat. This should be it.


A brownie with peanut butter and chocolate and peanut butter cups? Oh my heavens.

#cheattreat #justalittle

This month. This season. This air.


It’s as if it’s a new life, beginning today. You wake to the air crisper and the days shorter. The savage summer working it’s way to an end. The long days begin to wind down. The reckless abandon of weekend beach parties come to a calm. Is this the time we are supposed to live a real life? Fall. The time when our inward thoughts turn real and we must address our life. To the background noise of football and to the smells of fireplaces. Life evolves. Seasons change. Thoughts become solid.

Savor this moment. It’s the beginning of a new season and it deserves your attention. It deserves your focus. Figure out what you want out of this season and get it. The time is ticking.

Be kind. Exude hope.


You never really know what hand the day will deal to you. Sometimes it can be out of your grasp, against your control. The moments that are hard and full of negativity, a positive light from someone else could turn your whole day around. When your day is light and bright and shiny, sharing and being that angel to someone else could make all the difference. The intrinsic flow of karma is beautiful. Give when you can… Take when you need.

Who do I remember most and crave the company of most in my life? Those who make me feel good. The people who want to know how my day was. If I enjoyed my breakfast. If I’m OK. If I’m not OK. It’s the ones who care who will always get my vote. They are the ones I want in my band. By my side on this journey.

Do you know who those people are to you? Are you that to someone or multiple people? Do you want to be? Having an amazing support system (Which I do… Sheesh… My friends rock) is so awesome, but knowing I can be that for others is just as fulfilling.
If. Not. More.

Be the angel in someone’s day. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them. This could include but not be limited to wine dates to talk or bringing them ice cream after a bad day. Ask someone you don’t know how their day was. It recently happened to me and I must say it was the smallest and sweetest gesture I’ve received in a long time. So I guess it got me thinking about giving out those small compliments or offering small acts of kindness to any and all. People will forget what you said or did, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Thank you Maya Angelou.

Look around. Say the kindness that is in your heart. Share it with whoever is there to receive it. You may brighten someone’s day, or life.

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