In reading some blogs lately and watching what is happening on social media… I just wanted to send out some positive thoughts on this beautiful Friday morning. In my industry I see so many different forms of people. Men, women. Large, small. We all have our opinions of ourself. My question to you is this…. Does your opinion of yourself come from your mind or from what others say about you? This is an important question that I'd like you to really think about. We all need feedback and insight from someone who sees you from the outside, but I'd like you to take these next few days and evaluate how you truly see yourself. The thoughts you have throughout the day, are they thoughts a friend would have or an enemy? The way you look at yourself in the mirror do you have a crinkled up nose or are you smiling? When something really big goes really right in your life do you confirm that you deserve that or do you deny it's even happening? All things to pay attention to. After you've made some observation, sit down and write in a journal. Maybe one you will just start that day or one you have been writing in. Write down what you realized about yourself and how YOU TREAT YOURSELF. Then…. Make a change, or don't. It's your life and your choice. But I can tell you this. Life is hard. Days are hard. Getting through it all day to day, being a provider for kids or dogs or just yourself is hard. You deserve credit for all you do daily. You deserve love.

Love for yourself is better than any other love at all.