A list because it’s been a minute or two since my last one.

-Jimmy Fallon is my soul mate. He makes me laugh and does the coolest shit.

-Soooo, I kind of food poisoned myself. Don’t buy a kit thingy with raw chicken and veggies. Bad combo. Take it from my GI.

-I taught a spin class today post said Food Poising and I faked it till I made it. Or, pretended like I made it.

-So excited to watch the Tour de Nez tomorrow in downtown Reno. Like, a real bike race in Reno? That’s sweet.

-Listen to the lyrics of “All about that bass”…. It will make you smile.

-I love my daughter. She makes my life so much better. I’m so blessed to know her, and I feel so lucky to be in her world. This life works in mysterious but beautiful ways.

-Trust that. It’s all working just as it’s supposed to.