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August 2014

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There is nothing wrong with being a hugger! Do you know how many sweaty hugs I get everyday? A lot, and I love every one of them. Why not hug? Hugs are an important little gesture that say so much. Do you know how many people out there don’t ever get hugged or touched regularly? It’s more than you would guess… So if you have a friend. Hug them. If you just made a friend, hug them. When you say hi or bye… Hug them. It may change their day. Worth it don’t you think?


There is power in your intent.


Do you sometimes push through your day without even stopping to check in with yourself? Wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat. It’s amazing how many days we can let pass by us without living with true intent or awareness.

If you are feeling like your efforts toward personal and emotional improvement are lacking or simply not working…. It’s time to evaluate your level of intent. When you workout, do you think about the area of your body you are working? When doing intense cardio, visualize your lungs expanding to assist in accepting more oxygen. When thinking of your future plans and dreams, visualize what you want it to look like. Be specific. Be detailed. And visualize, visualize, visualize. Universally your picture will create an energetic path to what you want most. I do also believe that the more you visualize and focus on this path, the more you believe you deserve that path… and when you believe, anything can happen! So get your thoughts in order about what you want to happen in your life. Create your own intention for it all happening. Envision yourself waking up in the morning feeling the pure joy of your dreams coming true. Think about what it will really take to bring those dreams to reality and get out there and make them happen. I believe the universe always gives us what we need at that time. Not always what we want, so remember that. This too shall always pass and your true destiny always awaits… But, you need to know what it looks like.

So, visualize. Create intention. Stay on your path. It may be long and winding but the universe always knows the way. Trust.

Motivational reading.


I’m not sure what the exact scientific reasoning is, but I find this reading very motivational. If I’m in a fitness funk, I will almost always feel more inspired and motivated after flipping through fitness magazines. Full of silly tips and facts, it gets your brain working in the health minded direction. So, next time you’re standing in line at Raley’s, grab a mag, sit down and read it cover to cover. Not only will it give you some fitness tips, it will force you to SIT DOWN for some YOU time. A win, win.

Smile at yourself.


In reading some blogs lately and watching what is happening on social media… I just wanted to send out some positive thoughts on this beautiful Friday morning. In my industry I see so many different forms of people. Men, women. Large, small. We all have our opinions of ourself. My question to you is this…. Does your opinion of yourself come from your mind or from what others say about you? This is an important question that I'd like you to really think about. We all need feedback and insight from someone who sees you from the outside, but I'd like you to take these next few days and evaluate how you truly see yourself. The thoughts you have throughout the day, are they thoughts a friend would have or an enemy? The way you look at yourself in the mirror do you have a crinkled up nose or are you smiling? When something really big goes really right in your life do you confirm that you deserve that or do you deny it's even happening? All things to pay attention to. After you've made some observation, sit down and write in a journal. Maybe one you will just start that day or one you have been writing in. Write down what you realized about yourself and how YOU TREAT YOURSELF. Then…. Make a change, or don't. It's your life and your choice. But I can tell you this. Life is hard. Days are hard. Getting through it all day to day, being a provider for kids or dogs or just yourself is hard. You deserve credit for all you do daily. You deserve love.

Love for yourself is better than any other love at all.

A little list.

A list because it’s been a minute or two since my last one.

-Jimmy Fallon is my soul mate. He makes me laugh and does the coolest shit.

-Soooo, I kind of food poisoned myself. Don’t buy a kit thingy with raw chicken and veggies. Bad combo. Take it from my GI.

-I taught a spin class today post said Food Poising and I faked it till I made it. Or, pretended like I made it.

-So excited to watch the Tour de Nez tomorrow in downtown Reno. Like, a real bike race in Reno? That’s sweet.

-Listen to the lyrics of “All about that bass”…. It will make you smile.

-I love my daughter. She makes my life so much better. I’m so blessed to know her, and I feel so lucky to be in her world. This life works in mysterious but beautiful ways.

-Trust that. It’s all working just as it’s supposed to.

Summer comes to an end. New season. New goals.


Here we are in the first few days of August. August always feels like a transitional month for me. It symbolizes the ending of Summer but not quite the beginning of Fall. A month that is just full of opportunities to slow it down, create some new goals and really understand your aspirations. Where are you in your life, right now? Are you where you want to be? Do you know where you want to be? Physically, mentally, emotionally, literally? Can you look down where you are standing and feel it’s the right place for you? If you can’t…why are you still standing there? Move forward. Move lateral. Just move. If you need to revisit your goals, then do it. If you feel like you need to make some new ones, do that too. But August should be a time of organization and goal setting. Do it today. Make a list of the things you’d like to change. Not too long of a list, just a few items. Then get started. One thing at a time. The organization of your thoughts alone will get you on the right universal path. So, what are you waiting for?

List. Plan. Change. Glow.

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