We are born on this earth to rely on others to get us through. Diapers changed, lessons taught, dinner served, plans made and life orchestrated by someone else. From children to adults we must grow, separate and be happy in solitude. Create your own life and happiness… within yourself. Be the person we want to spend an evening with. Laugh at our own jokes. Smile at ourself in the mirror. Feel the rush of life when something goes your way. Push through it all… When you love and appreciate yourself, you should want for no one else. But, do you desire someone? Yes. Do you crave the intimacy? Yes. And you deserve that addition to your life. Just make sure it’s an addition and a bonus… Not a complication or a burden. All too often we get into patterns which suck us dry but in the same breath become comfort. Identify if your relationship is bettering you or taking from you. Address it and live the happiest, healthiest life possible. Alone or Committed. Because, why would you not? Days are limited. Life is short.

Be happy and at peace…. No matter what. Promise?? You should promise yourself that. Always. It’s the least you can do.