• First… Give yourself some props! You’re here and your taking the time to better your health and your life.

•Results will not happen over night. They won’t even happen in a week, so lower your expectations from the start. Realize your body is moving and muscles are growing and blood is pumping and toxins are flushing. There’s a lot going on in there. Give the magnificent process some time.

•That brings me to my third bullet. The process of a body transforming is never the same between two bodies. When your friend tells you she’s lost 5 pounds and you started working out the same day she did and you’ve gained 5, don’t worry!! If you are being honest with yourself about your nutrition and giving your workout your 100% effort…. I PROMISE you will start seeing results. They may not come on the scale but they will come in how much better your clothes fit and how easy it is to bob up those stairs.

•Staying on the “No two bodies are the same” topic, I’d also like to touch on that fact. Everyone will respond differently to different programs. Try everything presented to you! See what feels the best for your body and where you are seeing the most results.

•Regarding nutrition, my best advice would be this… Don’t change everything at once and don’t deprive yourself of healthy fats. Give yourself a cheat meal and be realistic with your plan. Changing a little bit at a time will prove to be the most successful in the long run. Another thing to remember… I would say to fill yourself up with healthy fats but if you do this you can’t also indulge on the simple processed carbs and sugar. Healthy fats and protein until you are full will do the trick! Listen to your body… When you’re satisfied, stop eating.

•Always give yourself props for the process… It’s difficult to change habits and you need to remember to be patient with yourself and your body. Day by day… Step by step… You are closer than you were yesterday. You got this!!!