We live our life the best we know how. Monday turns into Thursday and before you know it 6 months has gone by. It seems as though nothing changes, but when you look back… Everything has changed. My challenge for you is to be more aware of your day to day grind. In that awareness create a time for you that will fill your SOUL with all of the beautiful things it craves. If you love to paint, set up an easel that you have to look at every day to remind you to sit down and do it. Do you love to write? Put a journal by your bed and write in it!! If running is your passion, make the time to do it. Maybe you don’t know what it is that will fill your soul? Get out there and try new things! Nature will undoubtedly renew a tired soul. Get out in the trees and look around. Just stare at the raw beauty. Watch how nature is ever changing and unique in it’s own right. It will bring you back. It will bring you to your center. Once you are there and you find it, everything else will fall into perfect place. I promise you this. But you have to make the time to find it. Then do that over and over. Daily, weekly, monthly. Remind yourself that you have this beautiful life and you don’t want to see it fly by without feeling true bliss in your SOUL.