This sings to me. Like SCREAMS in my ear… If I have a soapbox, this is it. I see so many people counting calories and disregarding ingredients. It drives me batty!!! Please… Friends. Listen to what I am saying!!! Listen to your body. Eat whole, real foods. Food that have artificial anything in them will not satisfy your body for what it is really craving. You are just appeasing your hunger temporarily with chemicals your loving body doesn’t even know what to do with! It negates the fact that you are even counting calories. So just eat real food. Don’t count anything. Be present when you eat. Pay attention to how you feel and when you feel satisfied… STOP!! If you are hungry an hour later, eat again. Think of your beautiful body as the temple it is. It will take care of you and it will tell you what it needs. Listen. Pay attention. Respect the beauty of health and natural ingredients. Always.