I’d like to chat with my ladies and gents for a quick sec about confidence. What is up with the self-trash-talk? I just read a study that says people who viewed themselves as fat were more likely to end up overweight. This goes beyond the scale. Low self image can hinder friendships, job prospects and overall well being.

Start today, like right now. Stand up straight when walking into a room, smile at strangers, feel powerful when you walk. The more you talk yourself into feeling confident, the more you will exude just that. Fake it till you make it. When you go for a run, envision that beautiful sprinter with perfect form on the track. When you walk into a room full of new people, put your head up and envision everyone in that room wanting to know YOU. How do you know they don’t? You. Don’t. So, stop thinking negative. Stop feeling inadequate. Every person around you is fighting their own battle. What harm would it do to reach out and get to know someone new? Teach them something they don’t know. Learn from them. Gain insight. Feel connected. Learn. Grow.

Your challenge today is this.

Open your eyes to how beautiful life is. How beautiful of an addition YOU are to this world. Show everyone and yourself just how loving and caring and valuable you are. Feel it and believe it. Once it resonates in your soul, it’s truth. Once it’s truth, it can do nothing but propel you forward in this wonderful adventure called life. xo