A little diversion from the previous direction of this blog, but it feels right so I’m going with it. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, the day to day go here and go there and do this… That is our life. That is the world we all normally live. But what if we all just slowed it down for a minute and started to really understand how we function and what happily motivates us. I think we can all agree that we are driven by the basics in life… Our job to provide, food and water to survive (and because food is amazing), our family because they are our driving force and our relationships whichever they may be because love feels good. Whether it’s friends or a spouse or a date, love feels good. So take that feeling and expand on it… Take the feeling that makes you glow and turn it around on yourself. Do small acts of kindness for yourself every. single. day. Because who do you truly think will love you in return if you do not love yourself? Your kids will always love you, but how much more will they respect and learn from you if you are living the life you want to live? Your partner will always love you (hopefully) but they will admire you and truly adore you if they see you doing the things that make you shine. I promise you this. Someone special reminded me of this fact, and I must admit I felt like a fraud for a moment. How did I not have that thought myself? Here I am trying to help motivate and change those in need and I forget the small piece that needs to be implemented first and foremost. It gets blurry, life gets blurry. We forget. So I am here to remind you that YOU are deserving of small acts of kindness and love throughout every day. In turn you will be the best YOU can be to give that love; in return, to those around you. Not to mention, when you truly love yourself, exude laughter, give smiles and feel real…. You will treat yourself with kindness, health and respect. A win, win my friends.

Win. Win.