I’d like you to stop for a second and look around. Right now. Where are you? What surrounds you? I’d venture to say that most of you are on a sweet little smartphone sitting in a comfy space… Maybe your couch in your warm home? Maybe in your car that starts when you turn the key? Maybe you’re sitting at your desk reading this on a computer where you are able to do work daily? I think you get my point. Life is hard. Yes. But, do you ever stop to think just how lucky we are to have been born into a family in the United States? We have running water, heated homes, coffee shops and gyms. Yes, I know it’s a grander scale but sometimes we need to pull ourselves out of our “poor me” rut and really see just how good we have it. So look around… Be grateful for all you have and all you have accomplished. Then go reward your body with a great sweat. And smile. And stop bitching. Please?