This, my friends, is my client/friend Jared. His life has taken a complete turn in the last year and he has made some really amazing changes. He has committed fully to improving his health (sometimes we all need a little push….er… Shove) and I couldn’t be happier for him! He is at EVERY workout early and ready because he put WORKOUT in his calendar just like a work meeting , which means… It happens!!! He committed to quitting the sugary sodas and energy drinks daily and has eliminated all white, simple carbs out of his diet. He works out (hard) 3 sessions a week and will start doing running training for his first RTO race in 2014. His attitude is so much better. He smiles. He laughs. He kicks serious butt in the workouts. I’m just elated at his success… For him, for his family and for his angel of a wife. Congrats Jared!!! You overcame your obstacles and you continue to succeed daily!!

Jared’s Stats:
Weight: Before 245/After 185
Body Fat: Before 38%/After 23%
Blood Sugar: Before 340/After under 100
Blood Pressure: Before 140/90-
After 120/76
Waist Measurement: Before 45/After 38