I’ve been reading food journals, and I’d like to share a few things regarding nutrition.
•Please STOP eating Soy. In any form it is detrimental to you. Men, women, kids. No one should be drinking soy milk or eating soy isolates in their protein bars. Not only is it proven to cause cancer, it will affect your insulin levels and in turn cause problems with your thyroid. Stop. Please.
•If you eat carbs, please always add a protein source with your carb. I will always recommend oats, quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes and vegetables as your only carbs. But if you choose to eat a bowl of cereal or banana, add a hard boiled egg or scoop of whey protein powder to your mix. It will help your body use the carb for fuel and not just let it spike your insulin.
•Monday through Friday should be clean. Saturday and Sunday can include a few cheat meals and/or wine. If you work out hard all week and eat hearty but clean, your body will welcome a glass of wine on Friday night or a Yogurt Beach trip on Sunday afternoon. Reward yourself with a few treats… It will make this whole process of health much more tolerable and realistic.
•Don’t worry about eating breakfast the second you step out of bed. Let your body wake up a bit, maybe do a quick workout, have your cup of coffee, read the paper… Then eat when you are hungry!! If you are starving upon rising, you did not eat enough for dinner the night before. So, eat enough to be content with whole real foods all day long. Start that good process when you are ready for it… And remember that throughout your day. Eat when you’re HUNGRY not bored. Your body will tell you exactly how much you should be eating. Try and clear away the clutter and banter in your mind and focus on true hunger. Don’t over think it. Don’t under plan. Don’t obsess. Just be. Trust in the amazing machine that is your body. If you listen, it will take care of you. Always.