I’ve been having this thought lately about commitment. Your success or lack thereof in ANYTHING is a direct relation to your amount of commitment. It’s basic really, but it’s a thought that will slip by us unless we focus on it. If you sign up for a weight loss program and you only give it 50%, how can you blame the program for not working? If you are in a relationship and you only give it 50%, how can you blame the other person for not being “the one”? It all runs on the same lines right? Make a deal with yourself, today. Commit to something. Give it your all. Give it every healthy piece of thought and intention you have to give it. Then, see how successful your results are. Did you lose the weight you wanted to lose? Were you able to see that you are, in fact, completely capable of having a healthy relationship and able to stop blaming your partner? Pretty cool stuff, huh? Then, all areas of your life will be running smoothly because you’ve committed to committing! Make it a healthy lifestyle habit and who knows where your life will take you! The possibilities are endless.