Did you know that your down time or lack thereof will affect your weight loss attempts just as much as your calorie consumption? It’s true. Your body works hard every day. It wakes up and just goes… You work, exercise, stress, eat, scramble, go, go and go some more. During this work day your cortisol levels are on the rise and your fat loss is affected. We all live this life, and it’s a great life to live!! I would ask you all to make the time for your own personal R&R… This could mean some quiet time with a book, a trip to the spa, a walk through a beautiful park, a yoga class or just some time on the floor to stretch and feel your body. When your soul and mind are calm, your energy is calm. When your energy is calm your amygdala is releasing endorphins in your brain that will heal and energize your body. I promise you this… It is the MOST important thing you can do for your health and the one most of you will not make time for. Challenge yourself this week to 30 minutes of R&R per day, then see how you feel at the end of the week. Your mind will be clearer and your internal metabolism will be working with more efficiency. So there it is!! Your Sunday challenge is upon you…. Aaaaaaand GO. Then stop.