Ok. It’s time to get serious. What are your health and fitness goals? Don’t be vague, be specific. Write 3-5 goals down on paper and give them to me or your trainer. It should be easy for anyone in the industry to tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to accomplish your fitness goals. Then, follow what is recommended for you. It takes 30 days to create a habit so set your goal date for 60 days. Get serious about what you need to do and DO IT! I’m tired of people doing just enough to get by. Doing just enough workout to say they did it but then eating horribly or drinking too much. I want my clients to be motivated by something and I want that something to be THEM! I want them to feel motivated by change and their ability to accomplish every goal on that list. Change is motivating and healthful living is contagious!! Share your success with those around you, it will help motivate you and them! So write your goals… ask yourself why you want them and WHAT you are willing to do to accomplish them. I’m here to help… All of you, any of you. Let’s do this!!