Ok, here’s the deal. We hear so much about gimmick weight loss tricks. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… If you take a staple food out of your diet, you will fail. Unless you have an allergy against grains or dairy, you do not need to take them out of your daily nutrition plan. Eat whole real foods, all in moderation. Do not deprive yourself of carbs, it will only make you hungry, crazy and low in energy. Instead eat whole grain or sprouted breads, brown rice or whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa and steel cut oats. More than worrying about what you are eating, pay more attention to how much of that food you are eating. Instead of both pieces of bread on a sandwich make one side lettuce and one side sprouted grain bread. Take the usual serving of pasta you would have had and cut it in half. You will not die of starvation, I promise you this. Eat protein, veggies, fruits, low fat dairy and whole grains. As long as it fits into one of these categories, eat it… Just don’t eat a lot of it. Don’t eat a lot of anything!!! Train your brain and stomach to be satisfied with small portions. Once you train your body to eat less, you will follow suit when that cupcake is in front of you. You WILL be satisfied with a few bites. Guaranteed. Day by day you are in the process of attaining the healthiest you ever. Don’t think it will happen overnight and please get it out of your head that a cleanse or a restricted diet will EVER help you in the long run.