I’d like to talk about the number one most important thing you will need to remember when making LIFE CHANGING choices. TIME. You did not gain the 20 pounds or get the high LDL cholesterol overnight. I promise you. It has been occurring for many, many years. Maybe you have never known a healthful way of eating so it has been happening your whole life, or maybe you fell off the health wagon a few years ago. Either way, your body will not understand your “new way” immediately. So when you start replacing pancakes with protein shakes filled with berries and spinach you may get a gassy stomach. When you start replacing fried chicken and pizza with grilled chicken and veggies you may feel like you’re starving. Well here’s the deal, you are retraining your body. That includes your stomach AND your mind!! You are used to that stuffed feeling after eating high carb meals, that doesn’t mean your body needs to feel stuffed. So pay attention!! When you start replacing your snacks with a hard boiled egg and carrot sticks it won’t feel like the chips you were snacking on because its not filled with carbs and the high fat. But it’s the best thing for you… So listen to your stomach and your mind. They may tell you conflicting things, but in the end YOU know what is best.

Along the thought process of change I’d like to talk about consistency. You will start your journey to health and you may be working out more and changing your food all at the same time. Here’s the most important piece for true fat loss… your body must be in a healthy deficit of calories burned and calories eaten for a long period of time, consistently. If you need to count calories to achieve this, that’s fine, but I would really encourage you to just listen to your body. If you are working out too much, you will feel starving even if you are eating enough. So in the beginning of your new health life, maybe cut down on your crazy workouts and just walk a few days a week while your body is getting used to the new food plan. Then when you can truly identify what hunger feels like, you can start your workouts and meld it all together. So this deficit I referred to must be constantly maintained for 4-6 weeks before you will see true fat loss. Until then, you may actually feel bigger or not see any change at all… But after that 4-6 week period your body has gained some muscle so your metabolism is revved and your caloric deficit has created fat loss. Please believe me. Once you hit this place of homeostasis in your system you will be on the road to true fat loss and internal body change. Then, once you are in that place consistently your regimen can afford to have the occasional piece of pizza or a few bites of cake. Your body is now truly working as a well oiled machine and you will feel when you need to eat and you will feel when you are full. You will no longer be addicted to sugar, so when you eat that sugar you will feel sick. Trust me.

It’s a journey my friends. It’s not meant to happen overnight. But I promise you when you get to this place I am talking about you will feel so clean and healthy on the inside… It will all be worth it. So start today!!! Thanksgiving is 2 months away! The best way to approach a table full of food is with a clean system. Promise.